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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jobs In USA

One- Many people who work in restaurants . Water as those who work 35-40 hours a week at work 1 of 1 2sa dollars in ruji ( if it is a good restaurant ) . Oyataradera ebhareja if the income is 8 hundred thousand dollars in 1 . Backup water or food runner who worked as the week 1 to 7 hundred thousand ( if it is a good restaurant ) . Ebhareja income is 5 to 8 in the country . There are also those who work in the restaurant creates up to 100 thousand dollars . Masters of the American pula maiyarao this country works . Many people in the bar - who works as Tender , I worked as a backup , but klabeo work . Young guys are the maximum work , a lot of people in the Middle Ages did not work .

Two - Many residents who work at the hotel . This job is better than all other professional job . Celery much better , much better benefits . Many people who know me well Varsity side of the country but work in the hotel . They do not get that it's not official , the official jabe get the money and benefits from double hotale more money . Ebhareja celery them from 1 to 0 over 60 thousand dollars in there till . It's a union job . This kind of job security is jabe . Cansa have left no rush job . It will be the responsibility of the people all of the jobs are . Another new provision will make the jabera . Weekly until a new job is with a celery .

Three - the taxi run kyaba . It's a flexible job . Money is good . During five days a week from 8 in 1 is in . For the student of the Best Jobs . The black , yellow taxis have different types . This is to make kyaba run separate license , which is kyaba to run a test . The test is passed if the license . Many people buy their own kyaba kyaba carry yourself . Many taxi miliniyara here to continue . There are those who own a taxi halate they are king here . New York 's yellow spesiyali who have kyaba .

Four - There are many people who own businesses here in a long time . Business in grocari Deli , restaurants , poultry chicken farm , gift sapha , gas stations , mobile eksosarisera shop , etc. Salon . They were the people who work in the business . People who work all their income is $ 300-500 per week . For those who are illegal for them to bless the work , because the payment is cached . It is almost impossible to do without a cache for abaidhadera .

Five - the middle aged , older people came from , they get to work a little problem here . Security is the best job for them . It announced sikiuritite people can often be seen . The certificate is a separate training them for . They are 8-15 hours until he returns . If you work 40 hours a week , excluding tax check of $ 3 is 0-400 .

Six - in many bhendari . Bhendari towards selling street food cart . Many of the fruits and vegetables are sold . The chances are you can find a vendor license . It's a mono - silt business , but this business miliniyara . The vendor 's cart , and they keep people in work . Those who said they work . Daily they were $ 100 . Abaidhadera a lot of this work can be seen .

Seven - The Fast phudera shop works like McDonald , Subway , Burger King , danakina donut , pizza and Domino . Selase Most of these girls are . Boys who are in the works manager , meyederao are many . Selase who worked the hours and income of $ 7.50 -10 . After 40 hours of weekly work 50-300 dollars in taxes . The manager level and celery 5 to 35 thousand dollars yearly . The delivery of the work .

Eight - I worked in a pharmacy . Pharmacy is a country with a department store . Here is the Associate as 4 / 5 years working in the store manager . The pharmacy managers celery is not bad . From 40 to 70 thousand dollars yearly . Esisatenta manager who celery and 30-45 thousand dollars yearly . As the Associate selase into the night nurse - 7.50 l rate of $ 10 . Sales Associate tadrupa just as many big clothing shops , car shops , mobile company worked . The airport can be seen in the various sections .

Nine - Jobs in the City . It's a lot like the government jabera . Traffic police , regular police , railway department , Living Section , Post Office , and the Department of City andare dissolve there . There is a separate test for this job chances . The test is passed if the six-month training . Training is provided at the end of the posting . Tadrupa are just some of the steita job . The primary jabera celery 30 - 45 thousand dollars are . There are a lot of jabe Benefit plus the celery slowly increases .

Ten - IT field irsaniya Bangladeshis location . And the amount is rising day by day . Indian cainijadera position after the Bangladeshis . Celery and benefits are much better . Many developers , designers , working as testara , the hardware site , Help desk work . The yearly celery 50 - up to 150 thousand . Many of them work in such places .

Eleven - Medical Bengalis in every department of the location of the reading . Doctors, dentists and nurses from the start , P. A. , aid , pharmacists , technicians, each department of the increase in the number of days of the Bengalis . Doctor , P. A. , celery so many good nurses . The elimination of those who are not poor . There are many doctors who have their own medical office . There are many dentists who have their own dentist office . The aphisagulate a national dental esisatenta , medical esisatenta , resipsanista , working as a manager .

Twelve- Times - the number of people who advocate a little less . However, as the company I worked for the Legal pera . Many are engineers , a low number . Teaching in a school , college , started from the Varsity . All too many good colleges bharsitite esisatenta / eyasosiyeta / Flower Professor in the till . Many bharsitite working as a researcher . Many of the Part - Time esisatenta worked as a Teacher .

Thirteen - Many people who work in the bank . The night nurse who works as a trailer - Lee gets a $ 1 -15 . Customer service people who worked in the celery was a bit longer . Managing the level of 35-60 thousand dollars yearly celery .

Fourteen - Many different companies worked as ekaunteda , celery with 45-70 thousand dollars . Many people who work as CPN celery 55-90 thousand dollars . I own my own firm doing the work yourself . These are the real State of Business , immigration, are also .

Fifteen - here is a Bengali weekly newspaper . Many people in the work . Many women in the baby sitim . Many of the child care center, 9-10 dollars per hour worked . I was a student in the 10-15 dollars per hour tiusani turn . But again, my batch of students to teach coaching center , it's a good business . There are a lot of people who come to the Lord of the 10-15 dollars per hour to teach Arabic .

Upasanharah America, a country where the work is no small dekhena . There are no small things . Here is the example miliniyara biemadabliu , Lexus dauraya just jharudarao BM Street W. , Lexus dauraya . Why not do that type of work , but the boss is . A good example - think of someone who works in the office sikiriutite . If Obama comes to his office , and the office does not have permission to traverse the sikiriuti , if Obama can not gain access to the inside . He stood outside until given permission to stay . Do not pay any bribe or commission for the job or the work you have done , but do not give bribe or commission . , Which have the ability to work in accordance with the qualification . When they return home before the end of the line before .

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