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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Job Opportunities In New York City School

New York City Department of Education to get a job at the school in the Paraprofessional the first to start a job as a substitute Paraprofessional. The year 1000 is appointed as Substitute Paraprofessional permanent substitute para-professional acts as if there is more than several times.

Paraprofessional served as eligible:
 1) The principal of a school to get the nomination. If you're willing to work at any school Paraprofessional principle on the line for the nomination to be submitted to the New York City Department of Education.

2) high school diploma or equivalent educational qualification. Bangladesh HSC passed the high school or madrassa talkative pasake is considered passed.

3) Fluent in English, read, write, and be able to say

4) to be permitted to work in the United States, such as permits or green cards remain yarka Ñ or the American citizen.

Salaries and other employment opportunities at Paraprofessional


 Substitute Para Paraprofessional worked every day for that day of $ 13621 to pay out salaries, but do not get any benefit. After working as a substitute Paraprofessional 5 days if the school wants to appoint a permanent Paraprofessional. Paraprofessional last year, but whose minimum salary is $ 2281836298 There are 45 college credits and have no experience of them are starting to pay 26343 dollars a year.Paraprofessional with 45 college credits as well as job experience is more in the beginning. Paraprofessional In addition to the many benefits you're getting such Ñ own in addition to the spouse, children, medical, dental and eye glasses, holidays with pay, the holiday between the different religions allocate holidays and national holidays in the month of December a half to two weeks in February, a half to two weeks, half to two weeks in April and June, July, August, September, more than two months the continuous vacation, higher education opportunities, etc. sbabetane.

If you want to work as paraprofessional Helena can send us your résumé. All the schools that need paraprofessional we'll send you rejumi. Paraprofessional also follow an instruction that must be tested for the job we do all that we can help you prepare for the exam.

International Immigration Research and Support Services is a non-profit service organization. We migrant children and their parents in their education and career success in the United States offer different types of support.

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