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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Increased Employment In America

The US has started the year with a positive trend in employment creation. In the past two and a half million jobs have been added to the country's job market. As a result, the unemployment rate declined from 5 percent to 7 percent.2015teo 2014ra job market has continued. The first month of the year has resulted in the employment of the United States of 57 million. Which is more than expected. Getting a job in the last 11 months on average, two million Americans. And the unemployment rate down to 6 percent as a symbol of the country's economy recovered.Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, said Jason pharamyana, "maintained 015 014. However, in terms of job creation was the best year since 1999, with 014. "However, it is not just the rate of employment; Since the 1-cent per hour wage increase. Buying-cutting trend in the US has increased. As a result, the US economy this year is expected to maintain a positive trend.Fact and Opinion Economics chief economist Bob brusaka said, "If we look back, we see that in a year of economic growth and employment growth both quite dynamic. It goes without saying that the job market will strengthen. 'In October, after the closing of the incentive program is expected to raise interest rates in September, the Central Bank and the Federal Reserve. However, job creation, new information will be pressure to raise interest rates phedake mid-year, analysts think.

Job Market in North America

The first is to say that America America (North) continent, North America is the USA. Maps can be viewed in open seas of the North American eastern Caribbean Sea. There are a total of 8 C kyaribayana the island. According to the game of cricket in the West Indies, which is quite familiar to us. Another less known in the region's small island sentalusiyao These in cricket. Sentalusiya very small island, an area of ​​23823 square miles only. Only a quarter of the country's two million people, but the 15 million tourists a year.

This sentalusiyara Academy is offering a professional 11 professional programs. -4 1 month from all of the short-term. After completing the course successfully, the job of the Academy of the Caribbean islands, the Middle East, Europe, America or krujasipe. Some courses are in theory classes 3, 4, 6 or 1-month training. There are some income-generating opportunities and internships. Moderate costs. 4 months as a professional kukari / cooking course fee is $ 3,950. Admission, visa, plane ticket prices, equipped with 3-month package costs Rs 6 lakh. Sending money and guarantee a visa Academy and representatives of their country. There are of course cooking, baking, Thai massage therapy, housekeeping, Care Giving, front office management, cruise and hotel management and hospitality management. There are about 50 medical universities in the Caribbean dbiparastrasamuhe approved by the World Health Organization. These five-year programs at the Medical University Medical Rotation is two years in the USA Hospital-. Can not read the medical USMLE, USMLE and the US Hospital- Clinical Rotation in America-Canada employment, practice or take higher education.

When the end of a brilliant career is not any bigger or unknown place. Many people spent a lot of ways of increasing uncertainty and risk. This is a very good opportunity at that beautiful career.

Sentalusiyara the Professional Academy does not take the IELTS course. Can be found in the British Certificate (OTHM-Organisation for Tourism and Hospitality Management) or the Caribbean CVQ-Carebbian Vocational qualification. At the end of the course of employment or a paid internship (Saint Lucia or other countries in the Caribbean, the Middle East, Europe, America or krujasipe). St. Lucia, and matching work permit, after two years of PR. PR St. Lucia received in America, Canada, or Europe do not need a visa. Sentalusiyara of the credit facilities in Europe, America, Canada or New Zealand has a chance to read.

If a candidate's wife / husband can take. The Academy will arrange a visa without additional service charges. Sentalusiyaya side has the opportunity to do business. Restaurant, coffee shop, fast food, etc. sentalusiyaya business opportunities.

Job Opportunities In New York City School

New York City Department of Education to get a job at the school in the Paraprofessional the first to start a job as a substitute Paraprofessional. The year 1000 is appointed as Substitute Paraprofessional permanent substitute para-professional acts as if there is more than several times.

Paraprofessional served as eligible:
 1) The principal of a school to get the nomination. If you're willing to work at any school Paraprofessional principle on the line for the nomination to be submitted to the New York City Department of Education.

2) high school diploma or equivalent educational qualification. Bangladesh HSC passed the high school or madrassa talkative pasake is considered passed.

3) Fluent in English, read, write, and be able to say

4) to be permitted to work in the United States, such as permits or green cards remain yarka Ñ or the American citizen.

Salaries and other employment opportunities at Paraprofessional


 Substitute Para Paraprofessional worked every day for that day of $ 13621 to pay out salaries, but do not get any benefit. After working as a substitute Paraprofessional 5 days if the school wants to appoint a permanent Paraprofessional. Paraprofessional last year, but whose minimum salary is $ 2281836298 There are 45 college credits and have no experience of them are starting to pay 26343 dollars a year.Paraprofessional with 45 college credits as well as job experience is more in the beginning. Paraprofessional In addition to the many benefits you're getting such Ñ own in addition to the spouse, children, medical, dental and eye glasses, holidays with pay, the holiday between the different religions allocate holidays and national holidays in the month of December a half to two weeks in February, a half to two weeks, half to two weeks in April and June, July, August, September, more than two months the continuous vacation, higher education opportunities, etc. sbabetane.

If you want to work as paraprofessional Helena can send us your résumé. All the schools that need paraprofessional we'll send you rejumi. Paraprofessional also follow an instruction that must be tested for the job we do all that we can help you prepare for the exam.

International Immigration Research and Support Services is a non-profit service organization. We migrant children and their parents in their education and career success in the United States offer different types of support.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jobs In USA

One- Many people who work in restaurants . Water as those who work 35-40 hours a week at work 1 of 1 2sa dollars in ruji ( if it is a good restaurant ) . Oyataradera ebhareja if the income is 8 hundred thousand dollars in 1 . Backup water or food runner who worked as the week 1 to 7 hundred thousand ( if it is a good restaurant ) . Ebhareja income is 5 to 8 in the country . There are also those who work in the restaurant creates up to 100 thousand dollars . Masters of the American pula maiyarao this country works . Many people in the bar - who works as Tender , I worked as a backup , but klabeo work . Young guys are the maximum work , a lot of people in the Middle Ages did not work .

Two - Many residents who work at the hotel . This job is better than all other professional job . Celery much better , much better benefits . Many people who know me well Varsity side of the country but work in the hotel . They do not get that it's not official , the official jabe get the money and benefits from double hotale more money . Ebhareja celery them from 1 to 0 over 60 thousand dollars in there till . It's a union job . This kind of job security is jabe . Cansa have left no rush job . It will be the responsibility of the people all of the jobs are . Another new provision will make the jabera . Weekly until a new job is with a celery .

Three - the taxi run kyaba . It's a flexible job . Money is good . During five days a week from 8 in 1 is in . For the student of the Best Jobs . The black , yellow taxis have different types . This is to make kyaba run separate license , which is kyaba to run a test . The test is passed if the license . Many people buy their own kyaba kyaba carry yourself . Many taxi miliniyara here to continue . There are those who own a taxi halate they are king here . New York 's yellow spesiyali who have kyaba .

Four - There are many people who own businesses here in a long time . Business in grocari Deli , restaurants , poultry chicken farm , gift sapha , gas stations , mobile eksosarisera shop , etc. Salon . They were the people who work in the business . People who work all their income is $ 300-500 per week . For those who are illegal for them to bless the work , because the payment is cached . It is almost impossible to do without a cache for abaidhadera .

Five - the middle aged , older people came from , they get to work a little problem here . Security is the best job for them . It announced sikiuritite people can often be seen . The certificate is a separate training them for . They are 8-15 hours until he returns . If you work 40 hours a week , excluding tax check of $ 3 is 0-400 .

Six - in many bhendari . Bhendari towards selling street food cart . Many of the fruits and vegetables are sold . The chances are you can find a vendor license . It's a mono - silt business , but this business miliniyara . The vendor 's cart , and they keep people in work . Those who said they work . Daily they were $ 100 . Abaidhadera a lot of this work can be seen .

Seven - The Fast phudera shop works like McDonald , Subway , Burger King , danakina donut , pizza and Domino . Selase Most of these girls are . Boys who are in the works manager , meyederao are many . Selase who worked the hours and income of $ 7.50 -10 . After 40 hours of weekly work 50-300 dollars in taxes . The manager level and celery 5 to 35 thousand dollars yearly . The delivery of the work .

Eight - I worked in a pharmacy . Pharmacy is a country with a department store . Here is the Associate as 4 / 5 years working in the store manager . The pharmacy managers celery is not bad . From 40 to 70 thousand dollars yearly . Esisatenta manager who celery and 30-45 thousand dollars yearly . As the Associate selase into the night nurse - 7.50 l rate of $ 10 . Sales Associate tadrupa just as many big clothing shops , car shops , mobile company worked . The airport can be seen in the various sections .

Nine - Jobs in the City . It's a lot like the government jabera . Traffic police , regular police , railway department , Living Section , Post Office , and the Department of City andare dissolve there . There is a separate test for this job chances . The test is passed if the six-month training . Training is provided at the end of the posting . Tadrupa are just some of the steita job . The primary jabera celery 30 - 45 thousand dollars are . There are a lot of jabe Benefit plus the celery slowly increases .

Ten - IT field irsaniya Bangladeshis location . And the amount is rising day by day . Indian cainijadera position after the Bangladeshis . Celery and benefits are much better . Many developers , designers , working as testara , the hardware site , Help desk work . The yearly celery 50 - up to 150 thousand . Many of them work in such places .

Eleven - Medical Bengalis in every department of the location of the reading . Doctors, dentists and nurses from the start , P. A. , aid , pharmacists , technicians, each department of the increase in the number of days of the Bengalis . Doctor , P. A. , celery so many good nurses . The elimination of those who are not poor . There are many doctors who have their own medical office . There are many dentists who have their own dentist office . The aphisagulate a national dental esisatenta , medical esisatenta , resipsanista , working as a manager .

Twelve- Times - the number of people who advocate a little less . However, as the company I worked for the Legal pera . Many are engineers , a low number . Teaching in a school , college , started from the Varsity . All too many good colleges bharsitite esisatenta / eyasosiyeta / Flower Professor in the till . Many bharsitite working as a researcher . Many of the Part - Time esisatenta worked as a Teacher .

Thirteen - Many people who work in the bank . The night nurse who works as a trailer - Lee gets a $ 1 -15 . Customer service people who worked in the celery was a bit longer . Managing the level of 35-60 thousand dollars yearly celery .

Fourteen - Many different companies worked as ekaunteda , celery with 45-70 thousand dollars . Many people who work as CPN celery 55-90 thousand dollars . I own my own firm doing the work yourself . These are the real State of Business , immigration, are also .

Fifteen - here is a Bengali weekly newspaper . Many people in the work . Many women in the baby sitim . Many of the child care center, 9-10 dollars per hour worked . I was a student in the 10-15 dollars per hour tiusani turn . But again, my batch of students to teach coaching center , it's a good business . There are a lot of people who come to the Lord of the 10-15 dollars per hour to teach Arabic .

Upasanharah America, a country where the work is no small dekhena . There are no small things . Here is the example miliniyara biemadabliu , Lexus dauraya just jharudarao BM Street W. , Lexus dauraya . Why not do that type of work , but the boss is . A good example - think of someone who works in the office sikiriutite . If Obama comes to his office , and the office does not have permission to traverse the sikiriuti , if Obama can not gain access to the inside . He stood outside until given permission to stay . Do not pay any bribe or commission for the job or the work you have done , but do not give bribe or commission . , Which have the ability to work in accordance with the qualification . When they return home before the end of the line before .

Friday, September 13, 2013


America's labor market is the largest in the world. Des comes from the USA and around the world for employment. It is after the work has sankata. USA citizens of his own country's main job is the job of citizens across the country, including the USA and the world's largest company in the main office. They come from many countries in the world have two jobs. There are many jobs in the big company jobs in America  Example:

1. Accounting job in USA is on the outside and a lot of the American people and American works. These are companies that pay their employees well.

2.  Here are a variety of different media, including web saitayera work is not done.
3.Gradually all of the online business is becoming more centered as a result of it being extended . As a result of the rapid expansion of trade in response to the needs of business , new fields , new jobs are being created .

This business is not only limited to the purchase of sale has been associated with a significant part of the service . In this era of growing customer demand is increasing . What kind of services are provided to institutions depend on the kastomarake the long-term business . Customer or the Customer , as well as the quality of products and services from the kidharanera have to be able to verify that .

For example , we look at the organization of the business and the reasons for their success enalaisa then we 'll see if their current work tahalo behind this success is the quality of service and support .

So if you are thinking about business , but first you 'll have to Emphasize Customer Support at the top of the world but you and your organization pratiyogitamulaka this is only a temporary role .

4. There are usually different types of job as like, salon  jobs, carpet clinging etc

5. The job of the government is here.

6. There is usually a different approach and they contain numerous daily job contract job

7.  The typical apartment and house - the house is job-related.

8.Sold here - the job is related to buying, Sales jobs in various category job.
America also has a different job. For example, teaching jobs, hospitality jobs, security jobs, radio jobs, etc.