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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Job Market in North America

The first is to say that America America (North) continent, North America is the USA. Maps can be viewed in open seas of the North American eastern Caribbean Sea. There are a total of 8 C kyaribayana the island. According to the game of cricket in the West Indies, which is quite familiar to us. Another less known in the region's small island sentalusiyao These in cricket. Sentalusiya very small island, an area of ​​23823 square miles only. Only a quarter of the country's two million people, but the 15 million tourists a year.

This sentalusiyara Academy is offering a professional 11 professional programs. -4 1 month from all of the short-term. After completing the course successfully, the job of the Academy of the Caribbean islands, the Middle East, Europe, America or krujasipe. Some courses are in theory classes 3, 4, 6 or 1-month training. There are some income-generating opportunities and internships. Moderate costs. 4 months as a professional kukari / cooking course fee is $ 3,950. Admission, visa, plane ticket prices, equipped with 3-month package costs Rs 6 lakh. Sending money and guarantee a visa Academy and representatives of their country. There are of course cooking, baking, Thai massage therapy, housekeeping, Care Giving, front office management, cruise and hotel management and hospitality management. There are about 50 medical universities in the Caribbean dbiparastrasamuhe approved by the World Health Organization. These five-year programs at the Medical University Medical Rotation is two years in the USA Hospital-. Can not read the medical USMLE, USMLE and the US Hospital- Clinical Rotation in America-Canada employment, practice or take higher education.

When the end of a brilliant career is not any bigger or unknown place. Many people spent a lot of ways of increasing uncertainty and risk. This is a very good opportunity at that beautiful career.

Sentalusiyara the Professional Academy does not take the IELTS course. Can be found in the British Certificate (OTHM-Organisation for Tourism and Hospitality Management) or the Caribbean CVQ-Carebbian Vocational qualification. At the end of the course of employment or a paid internship (Saint Lucia or other countries in the Caribbean, the Middle East, Europe, America or krujasipe). St. Lucia, and matching work permit, after two years of PR. PR St. Lucia received in America, Canada, or Europe do not need a visa. Sentalusiyara of the credit facilities in Europe, America, Canada or New Zealand has a chance to read.

If a candidate's wife / husband can take. The Academy will arrange a visa without additional service charges. Sentalusiyaya side has the opportunity to do business. Restaurant, coffee shop, fast food, etc. sentalusiyaya business opportunities.

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